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Your Voices: Timothy Kroschk


Photo of Youth Tour participants Timothy Kroschk, Emily Carabajal and Jana Steen visiting Mount Vernon
Emily Carabajal, San Patricio EC; Jana Steen, Jackson EC; and Timothy Kroschk, San Patricio EC, at Mount Vernon


Sharing Stories, Experiencing History

By Timothy Kroschk | June 1, 2017


Youth Tour was one of the most exciting and memorable experiences that I have ever had, and it will remain with me as one of my fondest memories.

I got to see the great capital of our nation and meet some of the most powerful people in America. It was mind-boggling to see some of the things that Washington, D.C., has to offer, from the old and fragile documents forged at the beginning of our country, to the even more ancient fossils of beings millions of years gone, to the vast archives of literary knowledge held in the Library of Congress.

Not only does our capital store antique wonders and knowledge, but it also is home to some of the greatest powers in America and the world. We met with the representatives from each of our respective districts and learned what exactly they do.

The sights and experiences were all wonderful, but the people are what made this trip really memorable. I met many great people, not only from Texas but from all over the U.S., some of whom shared with me a common ambition, and it was refreshing to speak to people who shared my interests.

Before Youth Tour, I had never really enjoyed the company of others; instead, I preferred to remain solitary. But on the trip, I decided to give it a shot and start hanging out with new people. While I did not experience a radical transformation into becoming an extrovert, I did realize that sometimes it is better to be with others, as everyone has something interesting to say and is worth listening to.

This is what made the trip really special: To see people from all over the country—speaking with them and sharing stories was a special experience that will stay with me forever. Youth Tour was amazing.

Timothy Kroschk, sponsored by San Patricio EC in 2016, is studying neuroscience at the University of Texas.


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